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The only thing really bringing me down today is the fact that I'm finding so much new music on Project Playlist, but I don't have a way of getting it all to my iPod without spending a fortune, which I don't have. But my spirits are kept up with the fact that I'm ever expanding my musical horizons.

Plus I've been toying with my hair. Cut my bangs again so that they actually look like bangs. Dyed the bottom half of my head of hair black, the rest of which for now is my natural dark brown. Not too noticeable, but it looks cool. I call it my pudding-hair. I have more plans for my hair, but they'll probably wait another couple weeks. Not too expensive, since it's all going to be DIY. Layering and a little more dyeing, so I only have to pay for the dye.

I've been meaning to write for a writing prompt in one of the communities I'm in. I should do that before I leave the computer for the night.
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