lalagabrysia (lalagabrysia) wrote,

concentration, alertness

I'm finding it extraordinarily difficult to concentrate on the paper I have due tomorrow. I've been awake for 13 hours, so that's nothing. I hate Sunday nights. They lead to Monday mornings: my brain's favorite time to have a panic attack. At least I've been too "fuck-it" to have too many panic attacks. I just have a difficult subject to research, and although I might have made do with the resources at hand if I was awake and feeling productive, I just can't now. I feel like venting. Work was a bitch. I was in a crappy mood to begin with. Some people at work were cool enough to make me laugh or smile for a few minutes at a time, but there is the permanent reminder that my workplace is full of sexist assholes and I just can't wait to go to college and get out of it. My mind is drifting. My laundry is still running. Maybe if I wake up in a couple hours I can scrounge something together.
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