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Day: Good and bad.

Bad: Woke up in the afternoon. Fun, but wasteful and regrettable.

Good: Sitting and swinging like a child with an iPod. Extremely fun experience. Then talking to best friend on phone, also while sitting on swingset. Hurt my ass, though... But I'm going back.

I'm almost done with the book I'm reading. I'll finish it tomorrow, if not tonight. I'm frankly surprised that it's taken this long. I'm either not as passionate about reading as I used to be, or this book doesn't hook me like some do. Ah well..after this it's Breaking Dawn, then Nickel & Dimed, then Eragon/whatever book is after it in the series because my sister won a combo of the two at the Breaking Dawn release party and isn't going to read them herself.

I cannot believe it's August already. This is insane. I miss school a little mainly because I'm bored and annoyed of sleeping in all the time and I'm not seeing as many people, which feels weird even though I'm a serious loner. But I don't want summer to end. I like the feeling of managing my own time and not being owned by schoolwork and actually being at school. But I like learning and that happens faster at school. *sigh* At least I have an iPod now, my first one and I bought it a few days before school ended last semester. That should pass the time when I don't need to be paying attention to anyone. And I'm finally beginning to get more of the music I like onto it. I'm excited about that, even though it means that I've spent like $100 in the past week or two. Woops!
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